Water Services Water Services

Rural Water Supply Programmes & Services


  1. Boreholes completion

  2. Borehole/Well/Spring in a Subterranean Water Control Area or a Public Stream-001

  3. Utilize a Controlled Water Source-002

  4. Industrial Water-003


1.  Water Points Management

2.  Promoting Community based Management (CBM)

3.  Improving cost recovery on the pipeline schemes

Critically assess the identified and the application of mechanism that will improve the payment of community bills on pipeline scheme

  • 4.  Community Training

-  Local Water Committee

-  Ensure the translation of community training manuals into local languages is undertaken

5.  Rural Water Supply Infrastructure Development

  • 6.  Construction of dams, drilling of boreholes

-  Appoint consultant per Group Site inspection, REJECT or ACCEPT site

-  Design and Cost estimate

  • 7.  Construction Pipelines schemes

-  Onambutu WS Phase 3

-  Onambutu WS Phase 4

-  Tsandi WSS Phase 3 – Otamanzi

-  Otjikoto Scheme

-  Waterberg WSS Phase 2

-  Ogongo – Oshakati (Rehabilitation

-  Small pipelines (Rehabilitation)

8.  Bulk WaterSupply Infrastructure Development

-  Construction of dams, drilling of boreholes and Construction of pipelines schemes

  • -  Water Supply to Aus

  • -  Water Supply to Grunau

  • - Construction of Large Dams (Neckertal dam)

  • 9.  Strategic Water Supply Infrastructure Development

-  Projects: Development of Desalination strategies

-  Activities: Appoint Consultants for Planning and Design reports in collaboration with NamWater