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Dr. Musilika-Shilongo
Division of Epidemiology
Sub-division: Import and Export Control and Training

Dr. Albertina Shilongo


Elizabeth Iithete
Tel: 00264-61-276592  


Dr. Naindji Haindongo



  1. Import Permit - read Act 13, 1956

  2. Veterinary Services Databases


  1. SADC Annual Report

  2. OIE outbreak list

  3. National Summary report

  4. SADC Animal Health report

Disease Monitoring

  1. Disease Report form

  2. Herd Health form

  3. Farm Visit form

  4. Community Visit form

Veterinary Services Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services


  1. Permit System for Livestock Movement

  2. Traceability System for Livestock Movement

  3. Import Permits, Importation of all Animals/Animal Products into Namibia.

Target Group or Beneficiaries:  Anybody who needs to import or trace their Livestocks and farmers, Organisations and Citizens.

 Permit Cost: The Import Permit is N$50 per application.

Diagnostic Services

The professional Veterinary staff of the Central Veterinary Laboratory in Windhoek provides an essential back-up service to field diagnosticians, by testing a wide variety of samples for signs of disease conditions, with the help of sophisticated laboratory equipment. 

The Central Veterinary Laboratory’s Services are augmented by the smaller Regional Veterinary Laboratories in Gobabis, Grootfontein and Ondangwa.  The Central Veterinary Laboratory is also responsible for some residue and bacterial testing concerning hygiene monitoring and exportation of meat.

Epidemiology, Import and Export Services

Epidemiological data is gathered from the laboratories, the Export abattoirs and from all field services concerning stock numbers, disease incidence and various other aspects on data collection forms filled in by veterinarians and animal health auxiliaries, and is stored in a central computerised data bank in Windhoek.  Here, Epidemiological trends are analysed, and passed on to veterinarians, to be disseminated to the AHT and farmers.  The Epidemiology Section also provides an information service for specific enquiries that veterinarians may have concerning epidemiological information and international reporting.

Import control:  The Deputy Director:  Epidemiology is the issuing authority for permits concerning veterinary import control.  A Veterinary import permit required for the importation of all animals/animal products into Namibia.

Hygiene Services

As Namibia is an Exporting Country of various animal products (meat, ostriches, game trophies, hides, skins etc.) veterinary certification by competent authority (state veterinarians) is indispensable.  At each abattoir (Windhoek, Okahandja, Oshakati, Katima Mulilo, Mariental, Witvlei and Keetmanshoop) a Veterinarian is responsible for Meat Hygiene, Export control and Certification of the finished products.