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Director:  Agricultural Production, Extension and Engineering Services

Ms. M. N. Kambinda
+264 61 208 7458 / 7459

Deputy Director of Engineering Services

Tel: +264 61 208 7478

Deputy Director of Agriculture Extension-NWD

Mr. Erich Petrus
+264 61 208 7493

Deputy Director of Agriculture Extension-South
Mr. Ben Haraseb
Tel: +264 63 242197 / 061 2044111

Acting Deputy Director of Agriculture Extension-NCD
Mr. M. Embundile
Tel: +264 65 230470

Deputy Director of Agriculture Extension-NED
Mrs. B. Antindi
Tel: +264 66-255 666

Directorate Agricultural Production,Extension and Engineering Services Directorate Agricultural Production,Extension and Engineering Services


Extention and Engineering Services exists to promote the adoption of improved agricultural technologies and practices in order to increase agricultural production, empower farmers and facilitate sustainable improvement in living conditions of rural communities.

Main Objectives

  • Provide agricultural extension in the form of communication, advisory and training services.
  • Contribute to the implementation of an effective drought preparedness planning and responsive drought management system
  • Establish a mechanism to regulate and manage irrigation on a national basis
  • Improve the legal environment in order to improve farming production.

North West

Engineering and Extension Services is active in the following areas in the southern parts of Namibia. Click on the links to find out more about our ADC's and activities in each region.

North West Region Links

Erongo Region
Kunene Region
Khomas Region