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Acting Director: Directorate Water Supply and Sanitation Coordination
Mr Moses Mpareke
+264 61 2087333

Deputy Director: Northern Central Division
Mrs. Theopolina L. Nantanga
Tel: +264 61 2087339

Deputy Director: Infrastructure Development
Mr. V. Slinger
Tel: +264 61 208 7266

Deputy Director: North East Division
Mr. T. Mpareke
Tel: +264 66 269902

Deputy Director: North West Division
Mr. O. Mulonda
Cell: +264 81 128 4802

Deputy Director:  Southern Division
Mr B Freyer
Tel: +264  63 242789
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Directorate Water Supply and Sanitation Coordination Directorate Water Supply and Sanitation Coordination

The Directorate of Water Supply and Sanitation Coordination was established in September 1993, as a direct result of the approval by Cabinet of the Water and Sanitation Sector Policy, with the mandate to take full responsibility for the implementation of rural water supply for the rural communities on communal land.

Based on its mandate under the existing legislation and the policy framework, the Directorate of Water Supply and Sanitation Coordination has developed and adopted Vision, Mission and Value statements to guide its activities towards the ultimate Government goal to... promote and maintain the welfare of the people.

The emphasis of the statements is primarily on the clients of the Directorate ofWater Supply and Sanitation Coordination, which are the rural communities living on communal land.

Mission Statement

  • To ensure a sustainable supply of safe water to rural communities in communal areas.


  • By the year 2007, we will ensure that 80 per cent of the rural population of Namibia will receive water from improved systems, and all the water points that then exist will be managed by the communities themselves.

  • The Directorate will then consist of a group of in-house specialists, who will provide advice and services on policy making, planning, and information management.

As part of Regional management structures, rural water supply support units will provide project management services, policy advice, training services, management of inter-Regional pipelines, and advice and support in water supply operations.


Customer Service Orientation:

We believe that it is our customers who justify our existence. Therefore all our efforts will be focused on ensuring that the services that we provide are to their satisfaction and meet their needs.


In all our dealings with each other and with our customers we will have empathy for the plight of others, respect other people’s different views, and be supportive and caring in our relationships.


We will make special efforts to ensure that outstanding performance and contributions are recognised and highlighted. We will build on our achievements, as important steps in our progress.


In all our actions and communications we will be open, sharing knowledge and information, since this creates trust and certainty.


We will be honest and truthful in our dealings with others, so that we are seen to be trustworthy and reliable.

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  1. Regional Support Services

  2. Rural Water Development and Planning

  3. Community Support Services and Training