Contact Details Contact Details

Director: Forestry

Mr. J. Hailwa

Tel:  +264 61 208 7663
Fax: +264 61 208 7665

Deputy Director:  Forestry Research

Mr. Vincent Louw

Tel: +264 61 208 7327 

Deputy Director: Forestry Management (North West Regions)

Mr. Fillimon Kayofa

Tel: +264 61 208 7320

Deputy Director: Forestry Management (South & Central Regions)

Ms. Florence Sibanda

Tel: +264 61 208


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Directorate Forestry Directorate Forestry

Mission Statement

To promote a well organised forestry sector that is socially, environmentally and economicaly sustanable, while creating significant and equitable wealth and opportunities.


The main functions of the Directorate of Forestry are:

  1. Forest inventories

  2. Maps

  3. Indigenous land units classifications

  4. Permit

  5. Seedlings

  6. Community Forestry Programme

  7. Training

  8. To create, manage, utilise and conserve forests, including woodland, for human benefit.

  9. To provide robust scientific support to manage and develop the potential of Namibia's plant and resources

Other functions

  • Forest management information

      1. Spatial information and research information.

      2. Publication and Reports.

      3. Awareness and Creation.

      4. Promotion of DoP image.

      5. Human resource management systems (HRD) and organisational effectiveness.