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Veterinary Databases Services


Database Description Data collection Methodology Information sharing
Static File (farm & crash pens) contains geo-refernced data of all Farm units and crash pens in commercial and communal areas. Farm visits by a State Veterinarian and the Animal Health Technician data is for internal use by the organization
Livestock Producers System it administers the registration of stock brands. It also includes the Ear Tag Database and the Farm Assured Namibia Meat System Database(contains data on Production farmers visit the MeatBoard for registration. Farm Assured Namibia data collected by AHT during Farm Audit visits data is not shared
Namibia Livestock Identification and Traceability System (NAMLITS) contains data on Livestock Identification and Traceability data is gathered by Animal Health Technicians during auction sales and when animals are relocating confidential
Census Captures data on Livestock census data is captured during Farm Inspections, community visits and Vaccination Campaigns data is distributed via reports, mostly for planning. Data is shared with pharmaceutical campanies, Meat Co, MeatBoard etc.
Lab Results captures all the findings at the laboratory lab results are entered into the database by designated staff; data is linked to the disease report form and survey data presented as part of other Veterinary reports
SADC Animal Health Information it captures data on diseases of a regional signifiance, e.g Foot and mouth, lung sickness etc. data is derived from disease reports. it is collected by Epidemiology units of different countries. is part of the SADC intergrated central Database
Farm Owners Addresses contain information about Farm owners, farm name and addresses   for the directorate's internal operations