Contact details Contact details

Acting Chief Veterinary Officer
Dr. A. Shilongo
Tel: +264 61 208 7505

Deputy Chief of Epidemiology, Import and Export Control
Dr. A. Shilongo
Tel: +264 61 208 7505

Deputy Chief of Veterinary Public Health
Dr. J. Kamwi
Tel: +264 61 208 7509

Acting Deputy Chief of Diagnostic Services and Research
Dr. S. Khaiseb
Tel: +264 61 237 684 / 400179

Deputy Chief of Animal Disease Control
Dr. J. Shoopala

Tel: +264 61 208 7506

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Directorate of Veterinary Services (DVS) is to maintain and promote animal health, production and reproduction, and to assure safe and orderly marketing of animals and animal products through animal disease control, import control, veterinary surveillance, epidemiology and extension, diagnostic services and veterinary public health services.


To maintain and promote optimal animal health and production and to ensure access of Namibian animals and animals products to regional and international markets.

Veterinary Historical Perspective

The first veterinarians arrived on Namibian soil in 1894 under the German Colonial Regime. After the conquest by South African forces during World War I, a Division of Veterinary Services of the Administration of South West Africa was established under South African mandate.

This division functioned independently until April 1969, when it was placed under the control of Veterinary Services of the Republic of South Africa.

Control subsequently reverted back to the government of SWA/Namibia in 1980.

In the independent Republic of Namibia (1990), the Directorate of Veterinary Services (DVS) falls under the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development.