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Contact details

Mr J. Hailwa

Tel   +264 61 2087 663
Fax. +264 61 208 7665

Deputy Director of Forest and Botanical Research

Mr. V. Louw
Tel: +264 612087327

Deputy Director of Forestry Management

Mr. Fillomon Kayofa

Tel: +264 61208 7320

Khomas region

Khomas region
Windhoek District Forestry Office
Private Bag 13184
Tel:  061 208  7345/7349/7341
Fax: 061 208 7802

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Forest Permits


The Forest Act (12 of 2001) Amended Act 13 of 2005 requires anybody who needs to harvest, transport, and export or market forest resources to be in possession of a valid permit issued by the nearest forestry office.

Permits are issued by all forestry offices except for export permits (commercial) issued by Windhoek, Otjiwarongo and Grootfontein offices only.

Target Group or Beneficiaries

Anybody who needs to harvest, transport, and export or market forest resources

Processes and Procedures of getting the Service

Permits are issued by all forestry offices except for export permits (commercial) issued by Windhoek, Otjiwarongo and Grootfontein offices only.

Requirements for different forestry permits:

Harvesting permit

Complete application form with all the required details. If applicant is not the legal owner of the farm, a written permission is required from the rightful owner. Permit will only be issued if an inspection is done on the farm. The reason for the inspection is to see whether there are sufficient resources available to grant such quantities applied by the applicant.

The validity of the permit is for a maximum period of 6 Months and the Fee payable is N$15.

Marketing permit

The same information is required as for the Harvesting Permit, except that the applicant needs to indicate the places of market and the origin of the Forest Produce to be marketed. A marketing permit will only be issued once the applicant submits a Harvesting Permit, this applies especially for those that harvest in one region and wants to market in another region.

The validity is for the maximum period of 6 months and the Fee payable is N$15.

Transport permit (commercial or own use)

The transport Commercial permit is required for applicants that are selling the Forest Produce whereas the own use is for those applicants that need the produce for their own consumption. The important information needed here is the REGISTRATION NUMBER OF THE VEHICLE OR THE NAME OF THE TRANSPORT AGENT.

The validity of these two permits is for a maximum period of Fourteen (14) Days and the fee payable is N$15.

Export permit (commercial or own use)

The Export Commercial Permit is a permit that enables the applicant to export Forest Produce to other countries. Some countries require the forest produce to be accompanied by a Fumigation Certificate (obtained from the destination country; for South Africa it is the Department of Water and Forestry in Pretoria), a Phytosanitary Certificate (obtained from the Department of Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agriculture, 2nd floor room 269, telephone 208 7527). The same applies to the Export for Own Use with the exception that the Import Permit can be issued from the Border Post.

The validity of the Export Commercial is 7 days only and the fee is based on the weight of the Produce and is calculated as follows: N$5 per ton for the first ten tons and N$2 per ton for all the additional tons. The Export for Own Use is also valid for 7 days and costs N$5.

Relevant Legislation:

Forest Act (12 of 2001) Amended Act 13 of 2005

National Forest Policy