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Director:  General Services

Ms. P. Keeja
Tel : +264 - 61 - 2087587

Deputy Director of Information Systems:
Dr. A. A. Anghuwo
Fax : +264 - 61 - 208 7742

Deputy Director of Personnel

Mr. S. Niikondo
Tel:  061 208 7386
061 208 7454

Deputy Director Internal Audit:

Ms. Neimas
Tel: 061-2044111

Deputy Director of Finance

Ms. Loide Filipe Lucungo
Tel: +26461 208 7351
Fax: +26461 20877594

Acting Deputy Director of Auxillary Services:
Mrs. S. Theron
Tel: +264 264008/9


Directorate General Services Directorate General Services


The objectives of the Directorate of General Services are to provide supportive services to the other Directorates of the Ministry by:

  1. Facilitating an effective personnel service, with special emphasis on prompt and timely recruitment, appointment, assessment and sound labors relations;

  2. Promoting sound financial administration;

  3. Rendering an effective and efficient auxiliary service i.e., the provision of transport, furniture, office equipment and other goods and services;

  4. Rendering and maintaining an efficient and effective information system