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Mr L. Niipare
Tel. +264-61-2087333

Deputy Director of Northern Central Division

Theopolina L. Nantanga
Tel. +264-61-2087288

Deputy Director of Southern Region Division

Mr B Freyer
Tel. +264-61-2087322
Cell: +264 61 811400085
email:FreyerB@mawf.gov.na oradminrws@mweb.com.na

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Division of Rural Water Development & Planning


Contact Person Office No. Tel no/Ext Official Mobile  No's E-mail address
Mr. V Slinger (Deputy Director) 309 7268 0811 4000 86 Slingerv@mawf.gov.na
Mr V Stehle (Chief Control Eng. Technician) 311 7,328   stehlev@mawf.gov.na
Mr J Kandjii (Chief Control Eng. Technician) 324 7316   kandjiij@mawf.gov.na
Mr E Ileka (Control Eng.Technician ) 322 7298   ilekae@mawf.gov.na
Mr L Neumbo (Chief. Works Inspector) 313 7276   neumbol@mawf.gov.na
Mr P Coetzee (Works Inspector) 315 7275   coetzeep@mawf.gov.na
Mr P D Hailombe (Chief. Works Inspector) 316 7280   hailombep@mawf.gov.na