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Director Planning and Business Development

Mr. M. Mulunga
Tel: +264 61 208 7680

Deputy Director Planning and Statistics
Mrs. A Angala
+264 61 208 7683


Deputy Director of Agro Trade and Business Development
Mr. I . Nathinge
Tel: +264 61 208 7676

Deputy Director of Co-operative and Regulations
Mrs. L. Jason

Tel: +264 61 208 77561

Directorate Planning and Business Development Directorate Planning and Business Development


Directorate of Planning is a directorate under the Department of Agriculture and reports to the office of the Permanent Secretary.

Mission Statement

To inform and advise decision makers and other role players in the private and public sectors on policy issues as well as facilitating and implementing some of the policies, programmes and activities in the fields of agriculture and co-operatives.


  1. Adopt a cohesive approach to policy and planning across the agricultural, water and forestry sectors.
  2. Take account of events outside of the sectors and gauge their impact on current and future progress towards the achievement of sector objectives
  3. Contribute towards creating a conducive policy environment for agriculture and co-operative development.

Hierarchical structure of the Directorate of Planning (DoP)