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Community Forestry Programme Community Forestry Programme

Community forestry is one of the core programmes of the Directorate of Forestry. The programme aims at establishment of community forests and the transfer of forest resource management rights to local communities in accordance with the Forest Act of 2001. The objectives for the forestry sector in Namibia's second National Development Plan include close integration of the community forestry programme with other community-based natural resource management initiatives. These objectives directly support the national objectives of poverty reduction, employment creation, economic development, and enhancing environmental and ecological sustainability.

The Directorate of Forestry believe that community forestry, and community-based natural resource management in general, has a great potential to help communities to achieve their own goals and to gain better control of their resources. This will give them better opportunities to improve their own lives, while simultaneously managing the forests and woodlands in a more sustainable way.

The community forestry programme is a key element towards successful and sustainable management of the forest resources.

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Project Community Forestry in North-Eastern Namibia (CFNEN).

What are community forests?

Community forests are areas within the communal lands of Namibia that are managed on a sustainable way by local communities in order to protect forest and tree resources and to improve livelihoods. With a focus on managing wood and non-wood plant resources, community forests also constitute a CBNRM model that can complement the management of game resources in conservancies with the management of natural vegetation and habitats and thus contributes to a more comprehensive natural resource management strategy.

Thirteen community forests were gazetted in February 2006 under section 15(3) of the Forest Act, 2001 (Act No. 12 of 2001), in Government Gazette number 3590. To see the Government Gazette declaring each Community Forest, click on the Gazette link.