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Director Research and Training

Ms. J.F.N Andowa
Tel: +264 61 208 7002

Deputy Director of Livestock Production
Mr. I. Mate
Tel: +264 61 208 7086


Deputy Director of Agricultural Training
Mr. C. Khaiseb
Tel: +264 61 208 7001

Acting Deputy Director of Plant Production
Mrs. M. Hangula



Directorate Agricultural Research and Development Directorate Agricultural Research and Development

Mission Statement

This Directorate aims to facilitate the development and management of MAWF human resources at all levels and in all disciplines, and to undertake well-balanced crop, livestock and natural resource research within the communal and commercial sectors, contributing to increased productivity and sustainable utilisation of natural resources under arid, semi-arid and sub-humid condition, thereby improving the living standards of the Namibian population.


The Directorate's main objectives are to:

  1. facilitate and co-ordinate the development and management of all MAWF human resources to meet strategic and business objectives;

  2. support the non-formal training of farmers and farm labourers and facilitate the transfer of agricultural training to the established Namibian University College of Agriculture;

  3. improve the management of research plans, programmes and projects at all levels;

  4. implement research agendas and priorities in line with the needs and demands of both communal and commercial farmers;

  5. render specialised services of acceptable quality to external and internal customers; and

  6. facilitate access to information and appropriate techology for all stakesholders and customers.


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