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Etunda Irrigation


Sophie Kasheeta
Tel: 061 208 7477

Acting Deputy Director of Engineering Services

Mr. P. Liebenberg
Tel: 061 2087478
Fax: 061 2087478

Deputy Director of Agriculture Extension-NWD

Ms M. N. Kambinda
061 2087493

Deputy Director of Agriculture Extension-South
Mr. J.S.P Voordewind
Tel: +264 63 242197/8

Deputy Director of Agriculture Extension-NCD
Mr.V.N Imalwa
Tel: +264 66 255666

Deputy Director of Agriculture Extension-NED
Mrs. B Antindi
Tel: 066-255 666


Green Scheme

The Green Scheme is an initiative conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry to encourage the development of irrigation based agronomic production in Namibia with the aim of increasing the contribution of agriculture to the country's Gross Domestic Product and to simultaneously achive the social development and upliftment of communities located within suitable irrigation areas, but to also promote the human resources and skills development within the irrigation sub-sector to possibly enhance cross-border investment and facilitate the exchange of relevant and limited resources with neighbouring countries in this regard.


Green Scheme strives towards appropriate & equitable use of Land, contributing towards Food Security, supporting sustainable growth of economy, maintaining & improving land capability, reduction of poverty and introducing commercial irrigation farming.


To create an enabling, commercially viable environment trough effective public-private partinership, stimulate private investment in the irrigation sub-sector and settle small-scale commercial irrigation farmers.


To attract and enable large scale commercial farming enterprises to establish commercially viable entities in remote undeveloped rural areas to act as Service Provider for the successful and sustainable settlement of Small Scale Farmers.



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